Beachy Keen


My idea of the ultimate sweater for bonfires on the beach.


Although the time for bonfires on the beach has passed, one can always reminisce. I got this sweater this Summer and couldn’t get enough of it. It’s super breathable and breezy but still gives me enough warmth with the approaching Fall and Winter weather. Everything about bonfires from the smell to the overall atmosphere makes me happy so it’s pretty much a given how this sweater makes me feel.

Thanks for reading!


-J. Vo

Sweater – Billabong
Crops – Lululemon
Shoes – Converse


2 thoughts on “Beachy Keen

  1. How are you so cute! As a fellow blogger, can I ask who takes your photos? My sister usually takes mine, but now that she’s moved away I’m lacking a camera man 😭

    1. Haha thanks so much! To be honest, I have a ton of different people take my photos. I usually hang out with one friend a lot so she takes most of them but I’ll usually ask whoever I’m with to take photos for me. Given that they’re comfortable with it, of course!

      Thanks for reading!

      – J . Vo

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