Sleeveless Turtle


Sleeveless turtlenecks, the ultimate wardrobe essential for when you don’t know what to make of the weather.


So upon my first visit to Uniqlo’s CF Eaton Centre location, I went a bit turtleneck crazy. With colder weather coming up, I figured it would only make sense to stock up on some layering essentials…so I got 3 turtlenecks…whoops. But really, there’s no regrets. I’m in love with all of them and because they’re such wardrobe staples, I’ll be able to get so much wear out of them. The one I’m sporting in this post is a bit of a twist on the classic. Turtlenecks are usually viewed as items that keep you toasty warm but what happens when the sleeves are removed? Game changer, I know. So here’s to more days where the weather is frigid in the morning and scorching in the evenings. Cause Ontario’s weather is anything from but predictable.

Thanks for reading.


-J. Vo

Sweater – Uniqlo
Pants – Forever 21
Shoes – Sperry


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