Zammer Season


I don’t always have exams but when I do, they’re all scheduled into an inexplicable time frame.


I think the best way to approach exam season for me is remembering to just deal with things as they come. If you sit back and panic about EVERYTHING coming up, you’re going to start feeling overwhelmed. Tackle items of highest priority first and work your way through the list of tasks. That being said, my wardrobe has got to have my back. Through study sessions to actually writing exams, comfort is absolutely key. So as I write this in my library cubicle, I only further appreciate Lululemon for helping us all resist the urge to look homeless all the while fighting the battle against jeans and the cut off circulation that naturally comes with wearing them.

Thanks for reading!


-J. Vo

Sweater (similar style) – Nike
Vest – Uniqlo
Pants – Lululemon
Shoes – Converse


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