White After Labour Day


Who gets to decide the rules anyways?


I mean honestly, who decided that you couldn’t wear white after Labour Day? I got curious this year so I actually searched it. Apparently, back in the day, the uppity millionaires of society only wore white in the Summer for important events like weddings and other social functions. Now it would make more sense for this rule to be implemented to complement the warmer weather since naturally, darker colours attract that extra heat. Some time later, Labour Day became a holiday and upper society unofficially deemed it as the end of Summer, thus the end of white wearing days. That is, until Spring graced us once again. Now, any of you are more than welcome to correct me if you wish, but this was what I read when I searched up this odd tradition.

What do I think of this rule? I think it’s rubbish, wear what you want!

Thanks for reading!


-J. Vo

Jean Jacket (similar) – Abercrombie & Fitch
Top (same style, different colour) – Old Navy
Shorts – Aritzia
Shoes – H&M


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