Night Out


If you had to plan your ideal date night, what would it look like?



Whether it’s with your significant other or just a girlfriend you haven’t seen in a while, date nights are always something to look forward to. My ideal night always falls during Summer with a dinner on the patio, followed by ice cream and a walk along the water. Given that this is an imaginative activity, I would also like to put a hold on the mosquitos.

I kept it simple with my outfit because hey, you’ve gotta be comfortable on a date night and that all begins with being who you are. My outfit is a close representation of my personality so I want to make sure that’s well represented. That being said, sneakers are a must.

For those of you who are preparing for an upcoming date, I’ve stumbled across Adore Me, a site dedicated to making sure you’re fully comfortable for all your upcoming date nights. They’ve just released a Fall collection so checkout their Website and Instagram for a quiz to discover the perfect set for you!

Thanks for reading, peeps!


-J. Vo

Tank – H&M
Skirt – Forever 21
Shoes – H&M


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