Light in Linen


Every season has colour favourites.
In my case, there also happens to be fabric favourites too.


As you would have probably already guessed from previous posts, Old Navy has been coming through so strong for my summer wardrobe. This outfit is no exception. I got this skirt on clearance and since then, I can’t go into the mall without stopping in to see if I might be lucky enough to find another gem. Linen is such a great fabric for this hot weather; breezy and breathable, it keeps its shape without flying every which way at the slight sight of a breeze.

Do you guys have a fabric favourite for summer?

Thanks for reading!


-J. Vo

Tank – Aritzia
Skirt – Old Navy
Shoes – Hollister
Bag – J. Crew


6 thoughts on “Light in Linen

    1. Thanks so much! I find that even when I’m not wearing strict neutrals that they’ll be pastels, which is pretty much the same thing haha! Thanks for reading!

      – J. Vo

  1. Super cute outfit!! Your hair looks adorable with the whole look!! I enjoyed reading your post, thanks for sharing. I just gave you a follow and I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts. Mind checking out my blog too? I would love to be mutuals.

    1. Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed the post! I would love to check out your blog, looking forward to seeing more as well! Thanks for reading!

      – J. Vo

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