Who says salads aren’t filling?

Super simple and tasty all at the same time. Here’s your ticket to a hearty lunch.


Corn niblets
Black beans
Sweet red pepper
Minced garlic
Head of lettuce
Tri-colour quinoa
Brown rice
Chicken breast
Feta cheese
Renee’s Asian Sesame Dressing


Sautee the sliced up turnip in a bit of olive oil and minced garlic. Let it sit to cool, then mix with the remainder of the chopped veggies. Cook the quinoa and brown rice and mix both once they’re ready. Slice up the chicken on the side (I purchased pre-cooked chicken breast). Crumble a bit of feta on top, mix it all together and apply as much dressing as preferred.

To store, make sure to separate the veggies from the chicken as well as rice/quinoa mixture. The more moisture that gets mixed together, the more quickly everything will spoil, and that just won’t do!



-J. Vo


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