What’s the Sitch?

Cover IMG_5778

Apparently my “exam style” closely resembles that of Kim Possible’s.


It didn’t occur to me how much my colour scheme resembled Kim Possible’s infamous secret mission outfit but if anything it’s a compliment that I would look like a girl who kicked butt on my TV screen for most of my childhood. Once again, it’s no surprise that Lululemon contributed to the majority of my outfit. Yes their apparel is known for working out and other active events but wouldn’t you consider studying an active event? This stuff keeps me comfortable yet put together so I can still go outside without looking like a total sloth, total win win scenario am I right?

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

Thanks for reading.


-J. Vo

Top – Lululemon
Pants (same style, different colour) – Lululemon
Shoes – Converse


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