When you have to dress up for a presentation and realize you have little to no business clothes.


There’s just certain classes that are more presentation based and for this class, presenters were required to dress according to outlines set by formal business attire guidelines. Trust me, I had no idea what this really meant. Thus, I spent the better part of 3 hours collectively, searching for outfit ideas. I’ve come to the conclusion after this experience that one of the best places to gather outfit ideas is from the show Suits. Everyone’s outfits are so on point, and they act as perfect moulds for creating your office looks.

Hope everyone’s having a great week. Thanks for reading!


-J. Vo

Dress – Ann Taylor Loft
Coat – J. Crew
Scarf – Aritzia
Shoes – Christian Louboutin


4 thoughts on “Formal

    1. It’s honestly the perfect template to use! Of course you can’t ever replicate it exactly but Jessica, Donna, and Rachel know what’s up when it comes to business attire!

      Thanks for commenting!

      – J. Vo

    1. Thanks! I never really get a chance to dress up this much so it was a nice change for sure! Thanks for always commenting and supporting me, you’re the best!

      – J. Vo

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