Early Spring


Spring gets you through those last days of Winter but still leaves you anticipating those warm days of Summer. No wonder it’s my favourite season.


I got this jacket last year in the silver fox colour and absolutely loved it. That is until my mom realized how much she loved and started wearing it. So it’s obvious that I was thrilled to see it hit Lululemon’s shelves again this year as an intro to their Spring collection. The jacket is perfect for that transition weather between seasons and keeps you nice and dry with its waterproof fabric and sealed zippers. You may not see it here but this bad boy comes equipped with a hood too. Oh and why the zipper in the back you ask? Well for those days where you need to pair it with a thick sweater or you happened to acquire a larger food baby than anticipated, it’s got your back.

Time and time again, bravo Lululemon, bravo.

Thanks for reading!


-J. Vo

Sunglasses – Ray Ban
Jacket (other colours) – Lululemon
Shirt – Old Navy
Jeans (similar) – Abercrombie & Fitch
Shoes – Vans


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