Cool, calm, collected


Anyone feel like Stan Smith’s are the present day version of the Uggs trend during middle school?


Upon first glance, I’d say I was guilty of thinking that Stan Smith’s were clunky. Especially after owning the “Lady Stan Smith” style, these have a more rigid and for lack of a better word, “clunkier” design to them. Though like any trend that sweeps through the market, I couldn’t resist any longer. Now I can certainly say that there’s no turning back.

Do any of you own a pair, what do you think?

Thanks for reading, loves!


-J. Vo

Tank – Aritzia
Sweater – Aritzia
Jeans – Aritzia (Levi’s)
Shoes – Aritzia (Adidas)


4 thoughts on “Cool, calm, collected

    1. Hahaha thanks! Without your convincing I’m not so sure I would’ve considered them! I’m finding that I go online often to look at more and more colour variations of the shoe!

      – J. Vo

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