Hands down the best wardrobe purchase of 2015.


I’m a bit of a sneaker fanatic…correction, I’m obsessed with all shoes. However, I am more of a sneaker girl, and these beauties have to take the cake as my favourite pair. Stan Smith’s came into huge popularity amongst different bloggers throughout the year and I wasn’t ready to climb on the bandwagon. That is, not until the Lady Stan Smith arrived with a slimmer concept and thinner sole. As a shorty, clunky shoes don’t often work in my favour so these were the best of both worlds.

Do you have any purchases that take the #1 spot in your 2015 purchases?

Thanks for reading, peeps!


-J. Vo


5 thoughts on “Stripes

    1. Thanks girlie! If I’m being honest, I love these sneaks so much I was debating also purchasing the classic Stan Smith’s as well. Hold out until after Christmas and the Stan Smith’s will go on sale on the Aritzia website! They did during Black Friday too.

      – J. Vo

      1. Good idea! It has been so hard not treating myself to a few lovely pieces from Aritzia while Christmas shopping for other people!!

        Joy xx.

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