Scare Tactics | Take 1


Who lives in a “_________” under the sea?…


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of pineapples. So I decided that this year, I would let my obsession free on the one night where dressing up as virtually anything is allowed. Not to mention that it’s gotten ridiculously cold now, so a pineapple themed costume helps remind me of the warmer Summer days that passed by oh so quickly. A really easy costume to put together, you’re sure to turn heads!

The skirt was decorated using fabric paint to make the pineapple markings. As for the headpiece, any headband you have will do and either bristol board or card stock will work to make the stem of the pineapple. To finish it all, I decided to just wear a plain white tank to keep things simple…because simplicity is what I always seem to go for.

I hope this gives all of you last minute scramblers an idea of what you might be able to pull of with Halloween tonight! Thanks for reading, loves.


-J. Vo

Tank – Brandy Melville
Skirt – Forever 21
Shoes – Converse
Sunglasses – Ray Ban


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