Favourite Autumn Colours: Burgundy and Military Green. Make note of this as Autumn unfolds.


Today’s outfit is extra simple, and most importantly, comfortable. I have a long day of classes and it’s actually gotten chilly, so it’s finally Trooper weather! My colour palette tends to be quite neutral, and even when I add colours like with this long sleeve, the overall look gravitates to one that’s more subtle. Regardless, I think this outfit will get you through a long day and still look presentable…cause that’s always the goal right? I say bring on the student struggle outfits!

Thanks for reading, loves.


-J. Vo

Jacket – Aritzia
Long-sleeve – Aritzia
Leggings – Aritzia
Shoes – Adidas


6 thoughts on “Burgundy

    1. Thanks so much! It’s really all I wear throughout the Fall. Any cooler than this in between weather and I’m gonna have to trade it in for something a bit thicker!

      Thanks for reading!

      – J. Vo

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