Club Monaco x Sweet Woodruff


Summer may be coming to an end, but it’s never out of style to have a good bouquet on your desktop.


Thanks to Club Monaco’s market at their flagship Bloor location in downtown Toronto, I was introduced to Sweet Woodruff. A florist, or what would better be referred to as a floral haven in my opinion, has captured my heart. So imaginative with their arrangements, it’s something that you wouldn’t typically see at a wedding, but it miraculously fits in. After having seen their arrangements on multiple occasions, I can truly attest to the fact that they’re both whimsical and woodsy all at the same time. It’s what I’d imagine a tea party in the middle of the woods would look like. All I can say is that, when my wedding comes around, they’re definitely a front runner.

To see more of their work, visit their website, or Club Monaco Yorkdale where they’re currently being displayed.

Thanks for reading loves!


-J. Vo

Website | Sweet Woodruff


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