Days Downtown


The sun is out, and hopefully this time around, it’s here to stay.



A day full of shopping and walking around downtown required me to be comfortable and ready for a change in weather from the early morning and late evening chills, to humid and dry during the day. I chose a larger bag because I hate carrying shopping bags, and would much prefer to just stuff everything into my Mary Poppins bag!

Please check below for links of all the items featured, thanks for reading!


– J. Vo

Top – Abercrombie & Fitch
Jacket (Similar Style) – American Eagle
Pants – Club Monaco
Shoes – Hollister
Handbag (Same style, different colour) – J. Crew
Sunglasses – Ray Ban
Wrap Bracelet – Club Monaco
Watch – Marc Jacobs


5 thoughts on “Days Downtown

  1. Love these detail shots!! I like your idea of the large bag when shopping! I hate carrying shopping bags to (especially when you go on a buying binge and end up with a ton of them! It can get difficult to maneuver around the mall!)

    Joy xx.

    1. Thanks girlie, experimenting with my shots, glad that my readers are enjoying them! Hahaha I’m glad someone finally gets where I’m coming from! A couple of bags is manageable but when I shop, I shop!

      – J. Vo

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